My adopted nephew has a birthday party this afternoon. He’s two, and my wife is insistent that we attend — not that I’m all that averse, mind you, but…

I don’t have Internet access at home, so unless I can break away and come to the store during the weekend the next time I can post will be Tuesday. Try not to break anything while I’m gone 🙂

And it’s a heckuva note to start blegging so soon in the process, but if you feel you can spare a little, I could sure use it. Among other things, I don’t know that I’ll have enough to pay my ISP to save my long-accustomed email address, and that has to be paid by next Thursday. We won’t talk about keeping the electricity on. WordPress won’t let me add a TipJar button to a free blog — a policy I actually agree with, although it’s gonna cause me some problems — but you can check the About tab if you like.

Have a good weekend, and don’t labor too hard on Labor Day.