There appears to be a rule in blogging that, unless something really strange happens, the blogger should produce at least one post a day.

Today you’ll find a new tab below the banner, “Fiction”. In it is the first chapter of my epic (and unsold) novel Temporary Duty. You will note some anachronisms — for instance, it is now unlikely that there will ever be a CV named Albert Gore, Jr., and if there’s a Clinton it’ll probably be Bill — but it was written almost five years ago, and in general I think it holds up as well as it ever did.

I probably won’t post the whole thing. It’s about 200K words, which is one big reason it didn’t sell; another is that the first third moves pretty slowly. I don’t have the hang of WordPress’s “Pages” function just yet — it would appear that pages after the main page can only have one post in them, for instance, and I’d be grateful for advice if anyone has any.

Let me know what you think. I’ve got quite a bit of this stuff, some finished, some not.