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Found this over at Protein Wisdom this morning, from commenter “Joe”:

Barack Obama went jogging one morning and came upon the Washington monument. He said, “George, what should I do?” After a few seconds George replied, “Abolish the IRS and start over.” Obama thought about this for a few seconds and continued jogging.

Shortly he came upon the Jefferson Memorial and stopped. He said “Tom, what should I do?” After a few seconds Tom replied, “Abolish welfare and start over.”

Obama continued jogging after thinking about this and came upon the Lincoln Memorial. He said, “Abe, what should I do?” After a few seconds Abe replied “Why don’t you take the night off and go to the theater?”

Do not, please God do NOT pursue that last any further. If Obama is assassinated he’ll get the Leftoid/atheist version of canonization, complete with forty-foot statues and a schoolchild’s prayer: “Obama who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…” You think the Kennedy Kult was bad, just wait for that one.

If Barack Obama is in serious danger of assassination, it’s from the Left — the man’s an embarrassment to the people who elected him, but they can’t admit that because they’re as trapped by the “racist” calumny as the Right is. If he gets blown away, he’ll be sign and sigil ’til the Sun grows cold and they won’t have to put up with his incompetence.

Rightists should be volunteering to form a wall around this guy to guard him from all harm, and help the Secret Service stop bullets if necessary. The last thing we need is another martyr. Vote him out in 2012, by all means, if we can, but treat the least hair of his head as precious in the meantime.

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