Dan Collins tells me I should be linking back to minor bloggers (that is, other minor bloggers) that I like, to start building a network.

With that in mind, I call your attention to Half Sigma, a New York-based “conservative”. I use lowercase and sneer quotes because the guy(?)’s a poster child for the “elites should run everything” theory; his basic thesis is that if you didn’t go to an Ivy you ain’t shit, and if you did you’ve earned a position at the top of the heap, even if you got all Fs and graduated on Affirmative Action.

Trouble is, he’s got statistics to back him up!

You should also look down his archives (and blogroll) for what he means by “human bio-diversity” or HBD.

Just at the moment he’s off following a New York murder case, but there’s other stuff interspersed, and even that’s got its interesting bits:

CBS News has a picture of Raymond Clark, the man suspected of killing Annie Le, a guy who worked at the Yale building as a lab technician. NY Post has a better picture. He’s a white guy. Not a Yale student. I knew all along that the killer wouldn’t be a Yalie. Yalies don’t murder people.

Also, once I found out the body was hidden in the wall, I correctly predicted that the killer wasn’t black because an above average IQ was required to hide the body so well that it took the police so long to find it.

Interesting site. I would probably want to shove something sharp up his nose if we were to meet in real life, and certainly his nostrils would be easily accessible, but try to ignore that and concentrate on the data, hmm?