From the invaluable Norm Geras, I get a link to The Root. The site doesn’t really meet Dan’s criteria — it isn’t “small”, for one thing — but it should be of interest to you. They probably wouldn’t link me back, though.

The Root is aimed at black people and minorities, and is actually the “front page” for a number of different commentators on subjects of interest to them. Like any such site — right or left, race-focused or not — the content ranges from real discussion of real issues such as unfairly discriminatory lending practices down to ill-mannered carping about things nobody can fix for them, with side excursions into pole-axed astonishment that the world doesn’t precisely conform to their theories. The vector sum is about as close as the Web ever gets to reasonable people discussing real issues, hampered by a tendency to purblindness in some directions — and their blind sides are almost certainly different from yours or mine, so the content is worth study.