One of the most frustrating things about the present day, to me, is the apparently unbreakable preconception that there is some meaningful distinction between “public” and “private”. The concept is pervasive on both Left and Right, with the only difference being what the appropriate separation and division of labor should be.

In particular, it seems that almost everybody regards Government as being something special, as having some mystical or existential quality that separates it from every other form of organization, some bolt from the blue or Lady-given Excalibur that separates “government” from “business”.

There isn’t. A government is a group of people working together to accomplish something, just like a business or Rotary International.

The Left seems a bit more prone to that error at the moment, with the misconception wrapped up in the word “public”, as in “public option”. Bullshit. They object to health care funding decisions being made by private bureaucrats, and propose that eliminating them and turning the decisions over to public — Government — bureaucrats, all will be made better. Don’t see it, myself.