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Meanwhile, let’s do a little reach-around on the blogroll.

Babalu discusses the highest form of patriotism as seen in Cuba, things lost by St. Barbara (mainly food, yum), and ACORN’s suit against Breitbart & Co.

Dan Collins goes briefly ballistic about Obama’s speech at the UN. The hits keep coming.

Charles discusses empowerment: Diesel fuel or boobies? Donna helps him a bit.

Half Sigma continues to follow the Annie Le murder case, and continues to make new and surprising forays into the New Racism (or is it?)

Hot Air is its usual self. Top posts at the moment are about ACORN’s lawsuit and Young Pioneers. In the Green Room, among other things, Legal Insurrection looks wonderingly at Zelaya of Honduras. Which reminds me: Legal Insurrection ought to be on the blogroll. I’ll get to it shortly. (done!)

Little Miss Attila quotes the Anchoress on Sunday Go-To-Meeting attire. Verily, they have their reward…

Totten discusses Syria, with a jump to Commentary Magazine. It’s almost a week old, now. More and newer, Michael!

LTC John shows us some happy people. He should post more.

PACO discusses P. G. Wodehouse. Ah, the joys of the Literati.

R. S. (“the other”) McCain sneers at Fritz Mondale, who deserves it, and continues with the what’s all this Racism stuff, anyhow? theme.

serr8d doesn’t much like Obama’s UN speech and subsequent insolence. Neither do I.

Kate is off dealing with large live animals, but the Captain offers a seminar on defending capitalism that is definitely worth a look.

Stop the ACLU notes that Speaker Pelosi is having discipline problems. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

The Old Grouch grouches about sloppy journalism. Redundant phrase, really.

Tim Blair thinks warmenists should get some more recent material.

Kim is on about recent rains. It’s a metaphor, folks.

The Weasel Times and Stoat Intelligencer continues the PhotoShop fun.

Norm discusses church and proper behavior theirein. Does he read Little Miss Attila, perhaps?

Another Black Conservative is incredulous at the Young Pioneers Video. Well, so am I.

Baldilocks thinks the Left isn’t consistent on Afghanistan. Of course they aren’t. They don’t recognize the concept.

The Black Commenter discusses the Administration’s whining about ‘disrespect’ with much (and deserved) snark.

The captain has a new post from FL 390, about turbulence that hasn’t much to do with air flow. Read this guy, folks, except he doesn’t post enough.

Mostly Cajun wonders at the latest Green outrage. Is this for real?

Steve Graham is trying to buy a truck, and is out with Diogenes’s lamp looking for an honest used-car dealer. Take plenty of oil, Steve.

Happy days, folks. 12:30 — now with almost $15 in sales! Yay!