Via memeorandum, I see The Huffington Post has picked up David Cay Johnston’s essay yesterday in FireDogLake: “The GOP favors public option for property, not people.”

The essay itself is a masterpiece of apples vs. oranges “thinking” smoothed over with some impressive rhetoric. I don’t have posting or commenting privileges over at Arianna’s; if I did, I would comment (as I did at FDL) that if this contretemps results in elimination of the preposterous boondoggle that is Federally-subsidized flood insurance, it will create huzzahs from this quarter. I’ve been involved, both directly and peripherally, with mapping, including flood-plain mapping, since the mid-Seventies, and I know perfectly well that the bulk of the money goes to people who build half-million-dollar vacation homes on evanescent sandspits, wait for the perfectly predictable (and in fact inevitable) hurricane and flood, then claim their “insurance” bonus and go back and build another one, bigger, fancier, and more expensive, in the same place or one even more certain to flood in the near-term. The result is environmental and economic damage ‘way beyond anything reasonable, plus allowing or encouraging rich people to restrict access to recreational beaches by the mere proles.

What’s interesting to me is the process, at least partly because I’m trying to force my words in edgewise. FDL is a medium-big Leftist blog; by dint of heroic expenditure, Huffington has built a gigantic concentration of Leftoid thinking. It looks like Breitbart is trying to do something like HP on “our side” with Big Government and Big Hollywood, but does he promote from the minor leagues in this way?