Breitbart reports a PRNewswire/USNewswire story that the 9th Circuit has convened a panel to hear arguments about the size of the House of Representatives.

This is, IMO, a Good Thing, and I hope it goes through.

My own proposal is to multiply the number of legal voters in the US by three, divide by the number of legal voters in the State with the fewest such, and “scientific round” — add 1/2, then truncate. This would result in a House of roughly 1,500 members, with the smallest State having three Representatives, and strikes me as a useful compromise between horrid inequalities in representation and a body too large and unwieldy to function.

Yes, the Capitol is too small. No, that isn’t a problem. They can build another one (preferably outside Dismal Swamp — Minot, N.D. would be good) and in the meantime meet at FedEx Stadium a.k.a. Redskins Stadium. It’s plenty big enough.