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Generous person that I am, I’m going to save you some cash, guys.

Yesterday’s “big story” about Iranian nuclear processing facilities has fallen off the charts, but before it did, Yglesias, who is often wrong but never stupid or boring, weighed in on the subject.

I chose to comment, and commenter el cid (among others) weighed in with, first, a little Kaelian denial, then

I assume that conservatives afearin’ the darkies and Mooozlims sneakin’ under their beds all the time need no mirrors to tell when their diapers need changing again since the chafing and smell have become familiar to them.

Let’s look at some of the recent past, not forgetting the next paragraph of el cid’s comment:

  • A man with a <shudder> actual murderous killer gun showed up at an Obama worship service sermon to the Faithful campaign rally “appearance”. There followed a week of hyperventilation and shuddery scare stories to the effect that ZOMG THE WINGNUTS ARE GONNA KILL OBAMA ‘CAUSE HE’S BLACK!!!ELEVENTY111!!! — of course the man himself was black, and was carrying the gun in an act of civil disobedience precisely like the ones the Left fully approves of when performed by PETA or FOE defying people who risk their personal safety to avoid hurting them, but but consumers of the Pauline Press will never know that;
  • Some people (the number differs by ideology of the counter, but it was large) assembled, in front of the Capitol and elsewhere, to petition the Government for redress of grievances, under the general banner “TEA Parties”. The weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from Leftoids and Progressives was audible on Arcturus IV: ZOMG THE WINGNUTS ARE GETTING TOGETHER AND THEY’RE GONNA TURN VIOLENT!!!111ELEVENTY!!11! went on for days.
  • No recent day has been complete without at least one Democratic politician or Progressive pundit emoting that ZOMG ALL THE BROWN BABIES ARE GONNA DIE UNLESS THE EVIL WINGNUTS LET US TURN THE WHOLE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM OVER TO OBAMA!!!111ELEVENTY!!11.
  • No day for the last several years has been complete without at least one Democratic politician or Progressive pundint emoting at length on the subject ZOMG ALL THE BROWN BABIES THAT SURVIVE THE EVIL WINGNUTS’ DENIAL OF HEALTH CARE ARE GONNA GET IMMEDIATELY MURDERED IF WE DON’T GET RID OF GUNS IN ::fx:shuddery tones, with echo at +5: UNAUTHORIZED HANDS!!!11ELEVENTY!!111.

Most anyone who follows Teh News could add more examples. Mattress sales must be really lucrative in the Blue States, unless the Progressives just leave the plastic on from the manufacturer and change the sheets every morning.

And of course if you want to see sweat springing from the hairline of a heavily-pancaked TeeVee commentator, just switch on the latest edition of ZOMG WE’VE GOT TO SHUT DOWN RUSH AND BECK BEFORE THEY INCITE THE WINGNUTZ TO VIOLENCE111!!!ELEVENTY!!11!

So here’s the saving: when you want to know what the impact of the “bedwetting” accusation is after all of the above, don’t bother ringing up Rasmussen or putting more on your Gallup account. Here it is, in full:


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