Here is a cool map Siberian Light found from Russian sources. It shows the trajectory of a Washington-bound Iranian missile, and where the Polish and Czech installations were to be in the original plan. Makes all plain.

What it doesn’t show is the <sneer>replacement</sneer> proposed by Obama. Stick a warship symbol in the area between Britain and Scandinavia, and surround it by smaller circles — the blue circle (range of the radar) is about half what’s shown for the land-based one, and the red missile-range circle would be about a third.

If it makes you feel better, you can put more in the Med and just off Iran in the Indian Ocean. The principle ought to be clear, though.

UPDATE: The BBC shows us a much simpler map of what the missiles Iran has now can hit. Find all the places to put an Aegis cruiser, hmm? Those relieved by the actual vs. possible trajectories are urged to buy a blankie, blue for preference. It’s guaranteed to keep the bogeymen away, although it may not work perfectly on wingnutz.