The United States’s OAS representative says Manuel Zelaya’s return to Honduras is “irresponsible and foolish”. The invaluable Fausta has more, including a link to a Brazilian blogger with valuable insights.

Take heart, Señor Zelaya. It’s a momentary thing, and the offender will get slapped down soon enough.

One of the things you have to watch out for in these sorts of situations is a tendency to accuse the State Department of loving dictators. They do, but it isn’t because they think the dictators are wonderful people.

The State Department is made up of bureaucrats, and bureaucrats hate to have their comfortable routines disturbed. Democracy is a horrible imposition upon their lives — they get everything arranged, they have all their contacts in the Government set up and the invitation lists for the diplomatic receptions (for which read, drinking parties where the elitists congratulate one another on their elitism) programmed into the computer, and WOOPS! they’ve got a whole new government and a whole new set of cronies to cope with.

Continuity and stability are practically definitional qualities of a dictatorship. The bureaucrats can get all the right names in their Rolodexes and all the Important People programmed into speed dial, and sit back and let the world flow. Their cocktail-hour relaxation is not disturbed by having it turn out that the cronies and contacts they developed under the Previous Administration are now on the outs with the new ones, and they can down tools at 1530 like civilized people.

They don’t really enjoy seeing the peasants’ faces ground in the dirt, or schlepping bags of money to the Dear Leader to “maintain access”, and some of them get acerbic about it. It’s just that that’s the routine, and they’ve got all the paperwork and procedures in place to deal with it, and if it gets disturbed they might actually have to show up at 0900 and not get off until 1600 in order to deal with the new situation.

Once in a while, as here, one of the diplomats remembers momentarily which country he’s representing and what he’s supposed to stand for, and goes off on a tangent that threatens “stability”. The others will bring him into line tout suite, never fear.