I had a couple of posts already teed up in my mind. Then I dialed up memeorandum, and discovered that pretty much the entire Leftosphere is shitting themselves over the possibility of a military coup! apparently set off by blather from the ever-dependable source of insanity that is Gore Vidal (ADDED: and by somebody called John L. Perry, a “wingnut” I never heard of).

J. H. Xrist on a seatless unicycle, people. Get a f*ing grip.

UPDATE: Maybe I spoke too soon. The b*ds don’t just want “free” (i.e. tax paid) “health care” for Americans, they want us to pay to provide it to the whole damned world.

Trouble is, I don’t trust the generals either. A general is primarily a politician, just in a more constricted venue.

Hmm. The Russians are spending a lot of money to upgrade their ballistic missile systems to Topol-M/SS-27. That ought to leave some surplus SS-18s and SS-19s. Shall we take up a collection? It’d make a nice Eid present for Ahmadinejad.

UPDATE THE SECOND: I see the original “wingnut” version has been taken down. The Vidal piece is still up, and still generating racing stripes around the Leftosphere.