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Rand Simberg weighs in on Obama at the IOC, with pretty much the same take as everybody else has. He also suggests that we Don’t Panic over the 2012 Winter Solstice.

Gerard mentions the Olympics, and has a poem for you (a treat, as always.) He links Michelle’s Mirror, which gives the predictable spin.

Babalu snarks about Chicago like everybody else, but also notes that the Mensa people may not be as smart as they think they are. Hint: IQ is not WQ.

At Collins’s place Enoch Root mentions the Lympics, but Rocketman talks about something that may be more important

Fausta snarks about the “loss” in Copenhagen, with lots of links leading to more snark, but you should be more interested in Honduras.

Curiously enough, No Pasaran hasn’t commented on the Lympics. Erik is more interested in climate doomsayers. So should we all be.

Paco sneers at the McCain move to the center. Dream on, John.

At Protein Wisdom, Jeff G. hisself makes a too-rare appearance to mention that failure to get the Olympics stuns the Chicago crowd. (A commenter there suggested the “Lympics with no O” joke, and I lost the attribution. Sorry, guy.)

Tim Blair notes a significant anniversary, and also snarks about Chicago (O No!)

Norm ignores the Lympics altogether, preferring to post an (excellent) essay on liberal confusion about intervention. Just remember that when he says “liberal” he means what we understand by “Progressive”, hmm?

Another Black Conservative also skips the Lympics to note that Michael Moore is perhaps not as loyal to the Progressive Cause as his speeches might hint.

Juliette notes a reality check but doesn’t think it will be much attended to. I tend to agree.

Beldar puts blame where blame is due. Clearly it’s all George Bush’s fault!

Right Wing Sparkle says the show must go on. The bulge in her cheek is hardly noticeable.

Closing Velocity, like a lot of sensible people, lets the Lympics go by without comment. McKittrick wants you to see pictures of Chinese missiles. No, of course we don’t need a missile defense. It’s destabilizing.

Mostly Cajun mentions Chicago’s disappointment with predictable snark, but the more significant posts are about generational amnesia and telling the Brits that, no matter what anybody says, they mostly did good in several senses.

Anthony Watts promotes a commenter’s observations about tree rings, and continues to support Ross McKitrick’s beatdown of the Mann “hockey stick”. Lookin’ more like it’s a bit pucked up all the time.

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