…because there’s no “O”.

Little Miss Attila links to a piece at  Hillbuzz crowing that “Chicago is Saved!”, and snarks a bit herself. Allahpundit embeds the video of Obama’s what-went-wrong speech, and almost snarks enough to redeem some of his past sins 🙂

I haven’t linked to Harry’s Place, formerly “Hurry Up Harry” (a British in-joke), despite having it on the blogroll. You should visit. They’re Leftists, with all the usual comcomitants, but good folk for all that.

Today they discuss Obama’s failed bid for the Olympics to come to Chicago, and one of the commenters, David All, says

2. The Right’s joy at the USA not getting the Olympics will seem unpatriotic to most Americans and will go down sourly with them.

Not out here among the Great Unwashed of Flyover Country, David.

In the first place, “getting the Olympics” is not seen as any sort of triumph or patriotic necessity. After Salt Lake City’s experience, a lot of us see it as just another expen$ive way to let the narcissistic politicians and media whores strut their stuff, and many of the rest just don’t give a damn. Only a very few people will ever get to see the Games in person, and we know damn well we’re not on anybody’s shortlist for tickets. On the TeeVee, it wouldn’t matter whether they were in Madagascar or Moline, or on the Moon for that matter.

In the second place, the majority of us don’t see it as a loss for “America” or “the USA” at all. It’s a setback for the narcissistic media whore who sleeps in the White House between campaign appearances, and that’s all to the good.

The Union “leaders” and local political forces in Chicago are no doubt really, really sorry they missed all that graft, especially the opportunity to sell the run-down tenements they rent to their hapless constituents to the Treasury for Big Buck$. No doubt the members of the crafts unions are disappointed at missing yet another chance to ogle the scenery whilst leaning on their shovels at $50 an hour, as well, but most of them would have been disappointed anyway — like Michael Moore, the Chicago “leadership” is only interested in promoting Union labor when the kickbacks are big enough, and the work would have been done by Latino immigrants working under the table anyway.

At least if it’s in Rio the Latinos won’t have to leave home to get work.

ADDENDUM: Another good reason to visit Harry’s Place is “Raziq”, who is currently doing a series of posts on Qutb, who expresses the philosophic basis behind militant Islam (yes, there is one).