Were you around for the Carter Administration?

Toward the end, when it became clear that the guy just wasn’t up to the job, we started seeing stacks and piles of apologia — “The Presidency is just too big a job. It overwhelms any one man. You can’t blame Jimmah for not doing it because nobody could do it.” Now they’re popping up about Barack like mushrooms after rain. There was one at FireDogLake that I won’t link, and Donald Douglas at American Power links to one peripherally addressing “health care” at the New York Review. I eagerly await the NYT op-ed on the same subject.

Too bad, so sad. As I said before, he taken the money.

Difference is, that was after Jimmah had been in office for a few years, not nine months. Another difference is, they’re obligated by their own ideology to avoid printing/publishing the real reason we should give Barack a pass. Can you guess what it is?