Frank Rich of the NYT talks about “Rabbit Ragu Democrats”. The column is worth reading, because Rich lays out a good bit of the long sequence of epic fails, backtracks, and “reconsiderations” of the last nine months.

Then comes the payoff (warning: put down the drink and look away from the screen):

This is history that the president still has the power to write. It will be written in the bills he will or won’t sign into law. We can only hope that he learned an important lesson from his stunning failure to secure Olympic gold for his political home of Chicago last week. If the Olympic committee has the audacity to stand up to a lobbyist as powerful as the president of the United States, then surely the president of the United States can stand up to the powerful interests angling to defeat his promise of reform.

–ain’t it amazin’? Rich lays out, surveys, weighs, and measures the steaming pile of bullshit, and still insists there’s got to be a pony in there someplace!

Where do they get all those wonderful toy-people?

(thanks to memeorandum for the flag)