One thing Libertarians and Communists alike agree upon is the special status of Government.

There’s something mythic, something mystic, some existential quality of Government that renders it unique among forms of organization. The details of what that quality might be differ according to ideology, but that the quality exists is taken for granted.

Libertarians regard Government as uniquely evil because it uses force and violence to achieve its goals. Bulls*t. A common street-gang or playground bully does the same, and we don’t call them “Government” (though perhaps we should). So did the East India Company, and all the other early precursors of the modern Corporation.

Liberals — “Founding Father” types, not modern Progressives — see Government through the lens of Sovereignty, a mystic quality that grants personhood to Government. According to them, if the Government accedes to the Will of the People, the Sovereignty rests with the People and all is well.

Communists and their bastard children Progressives take that a step farther — Government is the embodiment of The People (or The Public, the Proletariat, etc. etc. ad nauseum) and by virtue of that should be in control of everything.

It’s all BS. Government is neither more nor less than a form of organization, no different from a major corporation or the Podunk, NY Lions’ Club. Human beings are nearly helpless as individuals, and have to assemble in cooperative groups to survive — but at the same time they are individuals, and if there is no management of the group it doesn’t cooperate, it falls apart in bickering. That’s what management is all about, and Government is neither more nor less than the senior-most management organ.

Government is staffed by people just exactly like the ones who staff every other organization. There is nothing magic about turning affairs over to “The Public”, because “The Public” doesn’t exist — what you can do is turn affairs over to The Government. If you expect that to solve all the problems, you will be severely disappointed. It’s just another bureaucracy, with the same imperatives as any other bureaucratic group, from ass-covering by the minions to empire-building by the bosses, and the only real difference is that you can get it big enough that it consumes all the resources in internal shuffling.