…or possibly the other way round. My neighbor has high-speed Internet via wireless sent out from the top of the water tower at the airport, and a local WiFi network. He gave me his wireless password! Greater love hath no man… or something like that.

Anyway, my sister-in-law will be glad to know that I don’t need to clutter up her front room in order to get on the Internet any more. Now I have to find my old access point box, so I can jack into my home network instead of using my old laptop. The laptop is a 1994(!) model IBM, PII 200MHz, and has a real hard time running Twitter. WordPress seems to work fine.

And I just got a call. If I can make it to Shreveport tomorrow or the next day I can make a little money, and more importantly get back into the industry I knew and loved for over thirty years. Perhaps things aren’t utterly hopeless.