The arrangement through my generous neighbor is a bit less convenient than I’d hoped it would be. The router is on the other side of his house, and all the doors have to be open in just the right pattern for the signal to be strong enough for me to pick up on my porch. I have no intention of complaining or being an ass about it (any more than my usual level of assery). The relevant aphorism is “beggars can’t be choosers”.

Actually, the problem isn’t my computer picking up the signal, it’s that the router can’t “see” the signal from my wireless card. The card was made long ago — not velociraptor “long ago”, but possibly mastodon — and isn’t exactly State of the Art.

Neither am I, for that matter.

So once in a while I get to carry the laptop over to the neighbor’s driveway, where there’s enough signal for everything to work. That means running on battery, which means I’ve got maybe half an hour for everything. It works, but…

This is being posted from a rest stop on I-20 not far from Tyler. The Texas DOT has Hughes broadband at all major rest stops to support the security surveillance, and adding a WiFi router to that is essentially zero marginal cost, so they provide WiFi free to passers by.

I’m driving to Shreveport for what amounts to a job interview/test/auditon. If I do OK my friend will hire me, on contract, to do a job, probably in Mexico. It isn’t exactly what I’ve been doing for all these years, but it’s very closely related. The only thing that worries me is that it’s been a long time since I rode around in a small plane all day, and at sixty-one-and-a-half I may not be able to tolerate it as well as I once did (peek two paragraphs back 🙂

So yesterday it was a little cleanup, a little farm and animal management including digging shallow ditches to encourage the water from last night’s inch and a half of rain to run off, and getting clothes, tools, &ct. together. At least the rain’s stopped, which makes being outside a bit nicer so long as I don’t have to wade through puddles.

No dogs in the yard since last report, except for another neighbor’s critter, not the ones causing the problem. Advice solicited: I have a Sixties-era Mossberg bolt-action .410 shotgun. The shells won’t stay down in the magazine well, so I’m having to use it single-shot. Any ideas?