What was Barry Obama’s thesis about?

Simon Maloy at Media Matters sneers at length (with UPDATE!s) at the recent kerfluffle among conservatives about somebody saying Obama dissed the Founding Fathers in it. The screed reminds me strongly of some of the pieces that have appeared on conservative sites debunking the crap that’s been spewed about George Bush, Republicans, and conservatives in general over the last few years, with one important difference.

We still don’t have Obama’s thesis to look at, so its content is still subject to assumption and rumor. Maloy provides no evidence whatever in his “debunking”, merely assertion plus quotes from some of the more strident conservative comments on the subject. Conservatives generally had evidence, however thin, that the Leftoid accusations were false. Maloy’s got nothing but the bare word of people who haven’t seen the theisis, either!

By the Mapes/Rather standard of “evidence” Maloy’s essay counts as confirmation that Obama really did call the Founders a bunch of uncaring, slaving capitalists too stupid and vicious to invent Socialism. Somebody with more leisure than I have should search the archives of Kos, et. al., for the pieces expressing that sentiment regarding “Bush AWOL”, “Cheney Profiting from the War”, or the Lancet “statistics”, and paraphrase them in response. It’d probably take Moulitsas and Hamsher a week to catch on.

Don’t give me “nobody keeps old papers”. A college thesis is supposed to be a contribution to scholarship which later writers can cite in support of their own contributions. As such, it’s supposed to be kept around for the convenience of those later scholars. If it wasn’t, it confirms that young Barry was being given a free ride — he produced enough verbiage for them to give him the degree without regard to content, then they tossed it in the DumpsterĀ® to avoid later embarrassment.

In the meantime, Rush and others used the story to get attention, therefore viewers, listeners, and readers, and therefore to attract advertisers who paid them money. Other media outlets take note. Mr. Emmanuel had a true insight that doesn’t apply only to direct politics.

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