The New York Times informs us that Honduras will, in fact, get the Communist Government the Obama Administration insists upon. (via memeorandum) Ms. Clinton says

“We were very clearly on the side of the restoration of the constitutional order, and that includes the elections.”

That’s either a flat lie or pig-ignorance. The Honduran Government did everything by the numbers according to their Constitution; the fact that it doesn’t exactly correspond to ours doesn’t make it unConstitutional. As William Jacobsen points out, it’s simple bullying. The Hondurans don’t want Zelaya, and Barry and Hillary do.

Oh, well, Hugo gets another ally, which was the point all along.

Lots of Congresscritters are in ethical trouble. Ho hum. It would be faster and more efficient to hunt down the few who aren’t scumbags and just shoot them. Might as well make it totally uniform, eh?

It would appear that at least some Republicans can see lightning and hear thunder. I’ve been wondering. Look, guys, if both parties agree on basic policy and procedure, there’s no point in two parties, and voters know that. People who want an intrusive nanny state that guarantees safety and comfort for everybody are going to vote Democratic, and that’s that despite “Me too!”s from Republicans. If Republicans want votes, they have to offer something different.

The kids and I got part of the new fence up and a good bit of the trash lying against the old one cleaned out. Now I need to get in touch with somebody who’ll carry off a huge tangle of old wire of various types — no antique barbed wire, more’s the pity. (That stuff’s worth money to collectors.) The antique gate’s hung, and if I can get the post straight up and down it’ll even swing properly — with the wet ground lately, it’s hard to get it to stay in one place.

Bobbe had an attack of some kind last night. I don’t know what it was, but her feet were numb and she couldn’t walk, fell down on the way back from the bathroom. This worries me. I have to travel to make money, and if I can’t leave her alone, what can I do?

Pray, is what, and I do. Some hits on the tip jar would be nice about now.