according to the Leftoids. Responses to my tweet were illuminating:

crewislife RT @Shoq: .@RicLocke Judging from the “lefty ths,” & “lefty that, ” in yr pontifical screeds, entertaining that U’d whine abt stereotypes

And, of course,

noiselessflash @RicLocke The fact is that conservatives are still republicans and Bush was your Waterloo.

Perfect, isn’t it? Absolute stone blindness to anything representing “argument”, plus invocation of the bogeyman.

What I generally use as a characterization is “Leftoids”, unless I have some reason to use the more direct term. It represents what’s really going on, which is a mishmash of ideas traceable to Socialism and communalist (or communitarian) sources, mixed up in a muddled mess that really doesn’t have any consistent basis other than envy, jealousy, and total misunderstanding of how things work.

As a conservative, I’m happy enough with the designation “Party of NO!” That is, I don’t consider it a bad thing to be saying “No, you shouldn’t stick bobby pins in the electric sockets” or “No, smashing things without figuring out what they do isn’t a good idea.” “Conservative” means just that — not wanting to make changes blindly.

And, as I tweeted earlier, I’m happy enough to grant good intentions on the part of a huge proportion of Leftoids, but that doesn’t make it better, it makes it worse. They’re happy to embrace simplistic “solutions” to what they perceive as problems — the proper adjective is “sophomoric”. They think they know what’s going on, but are largely wrong.

What they really are is spoiled preadolescents.

“Daddy, I want a pony.”

–No, dear, we can’t afford it, and besides, we live on the 14th floor and a pony wouldn’t fit in your bedroom.

We then go through the wheedling phase, the screaming tantrum phase, and are now in the penultimate phase, which is our spoiled brat explaining to her (stereotypically “her” — boys express it differently, as a rule) contemporaries that the reason she can’t have a pony is that Daddy is a hateful stingy selfish creep who hates ponies, hates her, and wants little kids to suffer, and when she and her friends get old enough they’re going to make all Daddies buy their children a pony, because that’s faaaaaaaair.

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