Bowing is an act of deference, specifically one of deference to social betters. In Western society, this means royalty or nobility.

We don’t have any of that shit in the United States. Oh, we have social classes, all right, but even after the continued efforts of Progs and Leftoids over the last half-century there is still class mobility, and (more importantly) social class isn’t embedded in our laws or Constitution.

Nobody bows to the President, which is correct; he isn’t a social class superior to anybody. The President shouldn’t bow to Kings, Emperors, etc. because he isn’t a social class inferior, either. The correct box to check on the information form isn’t “inferior” or “superior”; it’s [X] Not Applicable.

When Obama bows to a King or Emperor, he’s joining their system of nobility as an inferior, and by extension placing all of the rest of us Americans in an inferior social class. F* that for a game of soldiers. I absolutely refuse to accept that I’m in any way inferior to somebody whose ancestor was a Hapsburg simply because of that ancestry, and you ought to feel the same way. We’re Americans. We don’t recognize that system, don’t accept it, and don’t abide by it — or shouldn’t.