We (that is, Chris the horse-boarder and I) had planned a party. We were going to cook out, using the plentiful supply of mesquite, and everybody would bring something, potluck style. I would make beans and cornbread, and at the last minute Bobbe insisted that we get a brisket and cook it.

December 31st dawned cold, cloudy, and clammy, and it never got better. Chris showed up and we got the grills fired up, but nobody was enthusiastic about it, and there was a good bit of intracouple friction appertaining thereto. Around 5:00 PM it became apparent that it wasn’t going to happen.

Chris made some phone calls, and the upshot of that is that we moved the entire venue over to the home of one of his wife’s cousins. He has a nice small doublewide with a deck out front, in town. We loaded the one grill that’s portable (fire and all) into Chris’s truck and headed out.

It was a success. Another woman made taco salad, Chris grilled hamburgers of ground deer meat contributed by another attendee, the brisket came out falling-apart perfect, and my pot of beans went away pretty quickly.

Afterward we all came back out to our place, which is far enough into the country to be a good place for New Year fireworks. Many bright ligts and flashbangs later, our cell phones all clicked over to 12:00 (or 24:00 in the case of a few purists) and it was 2010. All in all, quite a good time was had by all concerned despite the nasty weather.

Then the sky cleared and the full moon lit everything up.

Prospero año nuevo!