An astonishing number of the search terms WordPress shows as leading to my stuff have to do with the pecan pie posts. In response to some of them I offer:

1) Runny pecan pie results from any or some of several things: not enough salt, the oven being too cool, the eggs being very old, imitation vanilla, and trying to use margarine or vegetable shortening instead of butter. Pecan pie is not a health food. Use real, artery-clogging, heart-destroying ingredients, and set the oven to 375F if you think it might be a bit “slow”.

2) A porous “crust” on top of the filling comes from too much beating of the mixture. The eggs get fluffy. If you must use an electric mixer (I do), keep it on a low setting and only mix until the mixture is uniform.

3) Sorry, using my recipe there is no way to get the pecans uniformly distributed through the filling. They’re lighter, and float to the top. I haven’t made the experiment, but I suspect that if you used only the whites of the eggs and beat Hell out of the mixture to fluff it up before baking the pecans would be distributed more uniformly. Try it and report back.

4) I would like very much to make a wingnut pie. Somebody needs to send me a cup and a half of wingnut meats!