and start jeering.

The nutroots and leftoid Democrats have completely lost any touch with reality, because it conflicts with their sophomoric theories. Since those theories include a declaration that they are correct, complete, and irrefutable, they refuse to change them in any way. It’s belief bordering on fanaticism — and, often enough, crossing the line — and makes them impervious to logic or reason. The only possible reply to them is now “BUUUUUUUUWHAHAHA!”

Obama went to Massachusetts and declared that the election was all about him and his policies –BUT– Coakley’s loss to Brown was because she was a bad candidate who ran a bad campaign. BUUUUUUUWHAHAHA!

Every penny of the “stimulus” and other bailouts that didn’t go to political cronies directly went to GM and Chrysler, the big players on Wall Street, and the Union managements, with individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses taxed unmercifully to pay for it –BUT– Republicans are the party of Big Business. BUUUUUUUWAHAHA!

Other examples will no doubt occur to you; if I have any readers left, perhaps they will post them in the comments.