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…as the Democrats segue from Health Care to a Jobs Bill.

For one thing, we all need to watch out for each and every one of the 25,531 amendments proposing to incorporate Health Care in toto, and without any attempt at resolving inconsistencies, into the “Jobs” bill.

But really, that isn’t the main thing. Keep in mind the absolute, immovable poles of Democratic Party attitudes toward jobs and “stimulus”.

(1) Everybody should have a good job with benefits BUT anybody who has the wherewithal to provide a good job with benefits is “rich”, i.e., a deep-dyed villain fit only to be pilloried and punitively taxed.

(2) Hiring and/or promotion on the basis of job performance is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. etc. Paychecks must be issued strictly on the basis of “need”, and hiring must be conducted with “diversity” as the overriding consideration.

(3) Asking people to do the work they were hired to do is exploitation. The only thing an employer can ask an employee to do is whatever suits them at the time, in the same way that “education” consists of having the “students” explore their inner selves.

(4) “Stimulus” consists of paying off political supporters, particularly Union “leaders”.

Given those requirements, plus the continual whining that the main problem with the previous “stimulus” bill was that it wasn’t big enough to be effective — which is true; you have to stuff all the greedy mouths full before any spills over — we can expect the Jobs Bill to have the following features:

(A) It will be big. A trillion dollars big.

(B) It will be almost entirely directed toward providing Government jobs. This is a consequence of (1), above. The only possible employer who isn’t “rich” is the Government.

(C) It will be focused like a laser beam on providing benefits to designated victim groups, or, rather, to the “leadership” factions of designated victim groups.

What I expect is that the centerpiece of any Jobs Bill will be the creation of Obama’s Young Pioneers Hitler Youth American Service Corps. It will differ from the old CCC primarily in that any sort of infrastructure development will be strictly verboten; such would be, after all, an insult to Mother Gaia environmentally irresponsible, not to mention intruding upon Union turf. The unemployed will be recruited into the ASC, where they will be fed a healthful breakfast (totally devoid of trans fats) and have a session of exercise combined with paeans to the Dear Leader, before fanning out across the countryside to Organize the Communities and decorate every available surface with politically correct graffiti Art.

A slightly longer shot would be the establishment of the Fair Employment Commission, which would function as a recruiting and hiring service for private employers to assist them in achieving the absolutely necessary goals of Fair Employment and Diversity. Private employers would fill out an extensive survey describing the ethnic, gender, and victim-group makeup of their workforce, and from this the FEC would determine what hiring was necessary. If a company needs, say, a skilled machinist, the FEC would examine the requirements and send the very first black female lesbian paraplegic available. Should the candidate not be hired, the company would be subject to substantial fines for racism, homophobia, and the rest of the litany of “hate”.

Keep your eyes on the ball, people.


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