We have reached the point where our only choices are Constitutional amendment or rebellion.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

Recognize that?

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

Lots of people are dubious about a Constitutional Convention, citing the original one as reason to expect that it would overstep the intent of those calling it. They have some reason to feel that way, but any Convention would be useless if its acts weren’t ratified. The meeting in Philadelphia would have been a mere historical footnote of little interest to anyone had nine States not ratified its work.

What I would like to see is two-thirds of the States adopting resolutions calling for a Constitutional Convention, incorporating the text of the Amendment(s) they feel necessary, together with a statement that the Amendment(s) thus proposed are ratified in advance — and no others will be.

Yes, the Leftoids will try to hijack any such Convention, and will generate incredible amounts of sound and fury, but if the result isn’t ratified by three-quarters of the States it will signify nothing. Under that procedure, the worst that could happen would be that nothing would be done; and, while it would undoubtedly be expensive, the expense would be less than Congress spills on the bar.

UPDATE: serr8d thinks repeal of ObamaCare is possible. So do I — but it will be difficult and contentious, and will have to be done by overriding the President’s veto. It simply isn’t worth it, because correcting this specific abuse is a waste of time. What has to be corrected is the basis of this and other, related abuses.

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