The Jack Vance novel The Book of Dreams concerns Howard Alan Treesong, nee Hardoah, who calls himself “Lord of the Overmen”:

The allusion is perhaps explained in a paragraph from an interview in which Treesong stated: “Men exploit animals to their needs and think nothing of the process. So-called ‘criminals’ exploit the ordinary ruck to their needs in the same manner, employing equal morality; hence criminals are properly to be known as ‘Overmen.'”

Our soi-disant elite overlords know that they’re useless, that in the very best case their only function is to turn food into feces and in the normal case they are destructive and obstructive. For that, they get comfortable incomes and lifestyles at the expense of the “ordinary ruck”. Up to now there hasn’t been to much objection to that, and from this they conclude that the people who support them are stupid — if they had any sense they would have defenestrated the “elite” long ago, and the elitists know it.

It’s exactly the same self-regard that lets a penny-ante street thug consider himself a “big man” because he can bully everybody else. They’re Overmen, and don’t you forget it.

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