I’ve been busy.

Bobbe, my wife, is now in the nursing home. It looks like it might be permanent. She’s aphasic and has no use of her right side, and has trouble swallowing. She’s reached the point where she can say “uh huh” and “unh uh” appropriately about 80% of the time, which is a real milestone. Strokes are a bitch.

And I had a car wreck, T-boned by a one-ton Dodge dually with a heavy cowhand bumper. It happened at very low speed — right outside my driveway! I was turning left to go home — so I wasn’t bad hurt, just some short ribs. A few days later I was lying in bed and took a deep breath, and the broken one went back into place. Ouch.

So I had to get a car. I ended up with a Reatta, which is a Riviera whose growth was stunted. It cost $500, plus $1000 to get the air conditioner working. Hey, it’s black, and this is Texas. Air conditioning is not an optional feature.

New job, takes up a lot of time and doesn’t pay much but it means I can eat out instead of cooking. Still critters to take care of. The grass is over my head in some places and none of the mowers work.

Life is good.