as formulated by R. S. McCain, I need to post pictures of pretty girls in skimpy to nonexistent clothing. Unfortunately I’m a little short of those, at least any of those that haven’t been shopped around in multiple other places, so here’s a picture of the prettiest girl around here:



…and, as you can see, in minimal to nonexistent clothing.

Gipsy (or Gypsy, as my wife prefers) is seven. She has no “breeding” in the sense of recognized breeds or papers, but she’s a good girl none the less; she works cows, enjoys being in parades with bells and ribbons on her harness, and she’s what riders sometimes call “bulletproof”, meaning that she doesn’t shy at anything we’ve discovered yet — when we’re out dove shooting, she comes over to see what’s what, and tries to nibble the spent shells. She has a boyfriend — actually, she has two: Jai, our stud, and Daniel, a young man who rides her frequently. (I don’t ride, but I enjoy the animals anyway.) She and Daniel get along beautifully, and (don’t tell him this yet) if the worst comes to pass and I have to sell up he’s going to get a nice present.

Is that OK, Robert?