The structure atop the Temple Mount, built by Moslems on a flimsy excuse and used by them to exclude Jews from their most holy place, is the Dome of the Rock:

Dome of the Rock Mosque, atop Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock, looking east from western aspect

The dome, with its gilding, is pretty enough, but otherwise it’s a singularly ugly structure, ill-proportioned, clumsy, and out of place against its background — which pretty well summarizes its reason for being.

The Blue Mosque is a structure in Istanbul, Turkey, widely considered a beautiful building, for good reason:

The Blue Mosque, in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque, in Istanbul, Turkey

The photographer chose the blue-sky background, which I think a mistake because it de-emphasizes the blue color of the tiles on the dome. Of course, nowhere is the trailer-trash equivalency of Moslems more apparent than here, where they’ve gone whole hog for blue lights to illuminate the minarets and base structure.