Note to Obamanauts, Democrats, Progressives, and leftoids everywhere: whatever your intentions may have been, your message to potential employers and entrepreneurs since the election of Barack Obama has been

1) You’re going to pay $10-$20K (more if we think of something else) in administrative costs, direct taxes, and “compliance” to hire a new employee;

2) If you have the wherewithal to make the capital investment necessary to make that new employee productive, you are rich, and therefore to be reviled and the money taken away;

3) If you ask that the new employee be productive, you are an exploiter, to be reviled and punished;

4) That employee had damned well better be a member of a Union or a defined “oppressed minority” (preferably both), or the considerable power of the State will make your life Hell;

5) That employee is yours to issue a paycheck to, forever or until the Sun grows cold, regardless of business or market conditions, productivity, or political activity;

6) Annual compliance costs of $5-$10K, in administrative costs, direct taxation, and “benefits” (again, more when we think of excuses) will be imposed to make sure all those conditions are met;

7) If you make any money anyway it will be taken from you immediately, plus penalties for being a vileeevulrich Capitalist Exploiter of the Working class.

Yeah, that’s really gonna inspire people to get out there and expand and hire and turn this economy around!

And, just to put the icing on the cake, you just told everybody in Louisiana and Mississippi who had a decent job at good wages “You’re fired, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you never work again without paying tribute.”

You can’t even cite “unintended consequences”, because the consequences were obvious from the beginning to any organism with a chordate nervous system. Either stop doing that, or man up and admit that it was what you meant in the first place.