Allahpundit (Pizza Be Upon Him) sees Nancy Pelosi doubling down on “investigate the racist opponents of building a mosque near Ground Zero”, and thinks it puzzling:

Has there been any dumber statement uttered by a major American politician this year than Pelosi calling for mosque opponents to be investigated for their thoughtcrime?… Pelosi…  is basically going after voters. Lots of voters. Brilliant.

Brilliant? Well, no, but it isn’t all that surprising, either, because Pelosi — like the rest of the Democratic Party and most of the Insiders of the Beltway — has long since bricked up her windows and replaced them with mirrors.

If Pelosi, or any other top-of-the-heap Democrat, were to discover something contentious that many people were concerned with, and it tended to damage Republicans, sending shills and agitators to inflame the issue wouldn’t even be considered. No consideration required; it would be the automatic default. They wouldn’t ask themselves and one another should we do this? The only point to be considered would be how much can we devote to the effort?

Allahpundit, I, and a large majority of the American people, know that reaction to the MGZ/Cordoba House/Park51 proposal is what is termed “grassroots”, something that arises individually in the minds and hearts of the American people, needing neither support nor coordination from the political establishment on either side. Nancy Pelosi cannot visualise, conceptualize, or imagine such a thing.

Since she and her fellows have completely given up on any attempt to understand the American people, abandoned any notion of a window through which they could look and see the American landscape, when she looks she sees only her own reflection. This is an issue that hurts Democrats. It follows automatically that The Other Side is sending shills and agitators to inflame it and make it more contentious and therefore more damaging. It isn’t even a question, because all she can see in the mirror is her own soul, and she would be stirring the pot mightily if the situation were reversed.

Contentious debates that hurt Republicans must be nurtured, supported, and inflamed to the maximum extent possible. Debates that hurt Democrats must be stifled immediately, and the first step in that is to find and quash the people who are bringing them up and feeding the fires. As Queen Speaker of the House of Representatives, Pelosi has tremendous access to Governmental resources, and of course those should be used whenever possible in order to husband the resources of the Democratic Party. Of course there must be investigations; the dirty-tricksters who are promoting this must be found and quashed. Of course it must be the FBI, DOJ, et. al., who do the investigating; it will be expensive, and that expense must not come out of Democratic Party coffers.

There’s no puzzle. Opposition to Cordoba House is obviously a Republican dirty political trick, because it hurts Democrats; obviously it has leaders, movers, and shakers that started it and keep it going; obviously those rascally LMSs must be found and quashed. Where’s the question? It is obviously what her soul cries out for, and therefore all she can see in the mirror.