There are many Muslims who are Americans, who live American lives and think American thoughts. Such people could build an Islamic center at ground zero and use it to increase our mutual understanding — but they would not want to, because they understand with the rest of us that it would be crass, intrusive, and triumphalist.

There are Moslems who wish to dance on the graves of dead Americans shouting Allahu Akhbar! Such people might wish to build an Islamic center at ground zero, so it might be used as a center for propaganda, fundraising, and recruiting for the Islamic Crusades, but they should not, because it is crass, intrusive, and triumphalist.

As Feisal Abd-ul-Ra’uf remains intransigent and even doubles down on his choice of locations, it becomes more obvious which group he and his associates belong to.

Karen Hughes is mostly correct, despite a few quibbles.

Yes, I’m aware of the spelling issue. Yes, I did it on purpose.