The invaluable Gerard van der Leun looks at illegal immigration:

…we’ve done everything possible to stop the flood except the one thing that would stop the flood: call off the party and slap the organizers of the Big Pinata Raves into jail, pronto, so they can’t organize any more. And, while we’re at it, we need to make sure any pinata around is empty. Yes, even if you make it and hit it, you get bubkis. Nothing falls out. After all, when a slot machine doesn’t have a jackpot, nobody plays it.


The stark reality is that for this country to get serious about immigration and controlling our borders, something else other than just a flood of illegals coming in on a daily basis has to happen. Something terrible. Something that doesn’t just cost mere money and jobs, but costs lives. A lot of lives. That’s the one way, the only way, that anything will be done. And what will be done then will be, well, the most terrible solution to the border problem any can imagine, and nobody wants.

Communist East Germany. Searchlights and the Stasi . With the guns pointed out and Predators high overhead.

I beg your pardon, sir, but that’s not the only way to empty the piñata.

Venezuela doesn’t have floods of immigrants overpowering its authorities, nor are resentful Brits complaining that they can’t get into Chavez’s paradise on a permanent basis. Destroy industry, confiscate the Means of Production, and set up a ruling oligarchy that regards every penny as theirs to dispose of at will; support it by a divide-and-conquer strategy based on encouraging envy and jealousy (“soak the rich!”), victim politics, and disdain for bourgeois values (except those of the elitists, natch); nail everybody’s feet to the ground by eliminating free movement under the rubric of “carbon trading”. When the place you’re headed looks just like the place you’re leaving, what’s the point of going to the effort?

Obama and co. are in the process of solving the immigration problem. The solution they’ve chosen is the same as the one Gerard anticipates with dread, except that the guns on the Wall will be pointed inward, just as the ones on their preferred model were. They won’t need many. Where would anybody go?