The Obama Administration urges the Supreme Court to vacate greenhouse gas “nuisance” ruling, and people around the country, whether delighted or enraged, are mystified. Why would they do such a thing?

There’s no mystery if you keep in mind two things that are becoming more apparent with each passing day:

–There is no, absolutely no, evidence for significant anthropogenic global warming that isn’t either diddled, blatantly manipulated, or manufactured from scratch; and,

–Job #1 for Obama and company is to eliminate American production. Not hobble it, not minimize it, and definitely not allow it under restrictions; they want it gone, and the sooner the better.

The Administration plans to put regulations in place via the EPA that will make it impossible for Americans to have a job, drive a car, eat, or stay warm in winter unless they pledge fealty to His Imperial O-ness and pay tribute to His Messengers on Earth, the public-sector unions. They have made a strategic error in putting that together, and are moving to minimize the damage and regain the solid ground needed to maneuver.

Judicial decisions and bureaucratic regulations differ in that the first is based on evidence, however flawed, where the second is based on whim. Unfortunately, when the Administration fired the opening salvoes of their EPA push, they justified it as being based on scientific evidence. That was a mistake, as it turns out, because the scientific evidence is somewhere between “flawed” and “nonexistent”. That, in turn, makes it highly probable that the petitioners in the “nuisance gas” lawsuit will lose, and if they do it discredits the “scientific evidence” they’ve been touting, making it harder to drum up support for the new regulations and even opening up the possibility of lawsuits against them for malpractice and lying, not to mention mopery, dopery, and general skulduggery.

Therefore they move to quash the case, because they cannot afford for the evidence to be heard. It’s as simple as that.

There is one seeming mystery: why are the watermelon greens getting their panties in a twist? Their goals are the same as the Administration’s, so why aren’t they delighted by this move?

Again, no mystery. Greens, being a subset of Progressives, don’t see evidence because they not only don’t look for it, they consider it at best irrelevant, at worst a conspiracy against them. Correlation == causation if it advances their cause; both are without merit when they do not promote the Green/Progg agenda. To them, the case against the Capitalist Overlords and their lackeys the Vile Polluters is made open and shut by the mere application of those denunciations, and they cannot see why anyone would think differently; therefore they howl.

The only thing ominous about it all is that it indicates that somewhere in the bowels of the Obama Administration there is someone who can think, and if that person gains influence we’re worse in the soup than we already were.