I present another of the ladies of my household, and thereby fulfill the requirements both of Rule 5 and of blog-poster cattage:


Her name is Janice, for reasons that may or may not be apparent. The image is from my cell phone, and may be a little too close to be as sharp as I would like.

It’s not always useful to name a cat. In my life I have only had two cats who would come when called by their name, one long ago, the other still around — Janice’s aunt, if I remember the family trees correctly. Perhaps I’ll post her picture one day. In any case, the cats don’t seem to have names for one another, and I forget their names for days on end. With Bobbe no longer here, they and I are the sole inhabitants of the household, and we know one another quite well, without need for labels.

Janice is currently very uncomfortable. Her body informs her that it is time to seek Love, or at least Sex, and while my current resources are sufficient to keep us all fed I greatly fear that an influx of kittens would overtax the carrying capacity of this habitat. I also haven’t been able to scrape up the resources to have her “fixed” — odd terminology, that, since things that don’t work anymore are more generally characterized as “broken”. Normally, it is her sister Daisy who sleeps with me, or (during the present spell of hot weather) next to me, but while Janice is in her season she discards her normal polite standoffishness in favor of wanting petting, hugs, and cuddles. That I can do, and careful attention to doors as I go in and out will have to serve to avoid the kitten problem.