See that? That’s clouds, that is.

Cloud bank looking west from my front porch

September Clouds

August was moderately brutal, not the worst I can remember, but a couple of weeks of over 100°F. Yesterday, the 31st, was more of the same, but today we have nice dark clouds and even a few spats of rain, with thunder in the distance, and the temperature is 80°F or so, which seems remarkably cool by contrast.

I normally hate this time of year. The Sun is racing to the south, and every morning it’s a little darker when I wake up, and it’s all a threat that Winter is coming! Winter is coming! I detest Winter. Snow and I are not friends, and the chill mornings inspire me to nothing but burrowing deeper into the covers. This year, though, after the slings & arrows, I’m feeling relief. Maybe I can get off my butt and get some things done now, without having to take intravenous Gatorade® to keep my electrolytes up.