Zombie presents Part III of an essay on schooling, and much of it is dead on. (RTWT, as they say; begin with Part I and Part II if you haven’t seen them.) The issue directly addressed in this installment is the wholesale ejection of “Dead White Males” from what is taught, and the replacement of DWM with minor figures who conform to politically correct doctrine. It is drearily familiar to those of us who have been paying even a little attention, but the essay is worth reading in its own right, and there is a very dim light of hope implied, though not stated. Perhaps Zombie didn’t think of it, or didn’t wish to address it because it weakens the hypothesis very slightly.

History is very much a matter of individual tendencies, especially at the level addressed by the schools. My contemporaries and I didn’t really learn about Washington, Edison, and the other DWM pushed by the textbooks, because the whole thing was considered boring and oppressive. History, all the way into the first years of college, was a matter of impressing one-liner factoids into short term memory, regurgitating them onto the pages of Blue Books, and clearing the cache for the next class. A good history teacher was one who could provide enough mental tags associated with the factoids to make that process easier. Those few who found the subject interesting noticed immediately that what was presented in the class was at best a minimalist summary, and went on to dig out more by themselves.

I can reliably predict that this process is continuing and will continue, especially since the teachers involved are themselves products of the educational establishment — which is to say, dimbulbs who cannot bring themselves to be enthusiastic about the ideologically-approved drivel they spout, being far more interested in the perquisites, privileges, and pay packets they and their unions can extort from the general populace, and are profoundly ignorant on that and any other subject. A teacher must, of necessity, know more than the students do; “educators” who try to simulate that by staying a week ahead of the students in reading the textbook are not particularly effective.

What the students will actually learn from such “educators” is that, e.g. Queen Lil-I-won’t-try-to-spell-it is boring, as are the rest of the pantheon being presented as the targets of worship. Past history teachers managed to accomplish that with Washington, Jefferson, et. al., not to mention Newton, Watt, and Edison, which is what opened the crack that the modern drivel was shoved into in the first place; Sixties “student protests” were often characterized by calls for “relevance”. Leftoids immediately seized upon the chance to substitute their drivel for our drivel, and the process is well advanced.

Fortunately or unfortunately, drivel is drivel regardless of the putative subject. Students who are intrigued will, as before, go on to dig out at least part of the rest of the story. The rest will retain some residue of the cultural indoctrination embodied in the harangues, of course, and some way of addressing that is needed, but the overall grand project must ultimately fail, for precisely the same reasons it was possible to initiate it.