Another explosion on an oil rig in the Gulf. One killed, people in the water, fires, smoke, and of course disastrous environmental impact. (UPDATE: No one died, and no drilling was going on; the well wasn’t even producing, it seems.) (LATER: Yes, it was producing.)

We can now expect a parade of Administration talking heads and their apologists, explaining with sorrow (and snark) that clearly the oil producers haven’t learned their lesson, and production must be halted until they do.

Update 12:30 p.m. ET: The Left Coast Rebel is getting hits to this article on Google queries of, “Vermillion Oil George Bush”, “Mariner Energy Dick Cheney, George Bush” and the best – “Tea Party Blows up Gulf Oil Rig”.

When all you have is demons, everything must be explained in terms of demonology.

One of my classmates in high school was a “jock”, and since I was rather the reverse of that, he and I shared casual contempt for one another. A year or so after graduation we found ourselves more or less forced into contact, and discovered that we had much in common in the way of both attitude and interests. We spent a good bit of time together, but then his time off came to an end, and he went back to his job as a “driller” on a Gulf oil rig. A week later he was killed when the rig he was working on had a blowout. Everybody who knew Ronnie, including me, was deeply saddened, as were the friends and relatives of the other ten people who also lost their lives — but drilling went on, and I’m as sure as I can be of something unprovable that Ronnie, himself, would have approved of that.

Lots of people seem to have lost sight of the fact that the benefits of an industrial civilization come at a cost, imagining that we can continue to enjoy plentiful food, warmth in winter, and all the other benefits without paying the price. It won’t happen, but in the meantime cynical opportunists can easily exploit that attitude to their own ends, and the Obama Administration is not the least backward in that respect.