I can’t remember a seasonal transition that was this sharp and matched the calendar this perfectly. Thunderstorms and weather patterns don’t know the date, do they?

On August 31 it was still August, and this August, as I said before, has been brutal. I still prefer 40C to 40F, but days and days going into weeks of glaring Sun blazing from near-cloudless skies onto a parched landscape of 100°F+ temperatures get wearing, especially when you drive a black car whose AC was designed for R-12 and is running on an inferior substitute. On the night of August 31st I went to bed late, still sweltering, with the inadequate window AC dripping water on the floor and making a dent, but not getting anywhere near comfortable.

Wednesday morning it was if a switch had been thrown. Clouds, real clouds, that merged into Sun-blocking banks, instead of standoffishly isolating themselves in puffy little clumps when they appeared at all. That afternoon there were a few light showers, not enough to settle the dust, but when we went out to feed the critters we were all enjoying it. That night and the next morning the clouds got together and decided to get serious. Two and a half inches plus! The farrier has been shaking his head, advising us to walk the horses through the rapidly-drying mudhole that was all that was left of the stock tank, because their feet were cracking from the dryness. Not a problem, John.

Today we’re back to the weather condition one of my pilot friends refers to as “severe clear” — sky a bowl of blue crystal with no visible flaws. O, what a difference three days makes, though:

Weather at the nearby airport, 3 Sept. 2010Not breaking out the parka and long winter woolies just yet, mind you, but I can stand to be outside for longer than is needed to get the car started and the Freon® circulating well.

The national radar composite, worryingly blank for the last month or so, has some very promising blotches on it:

Portion of National Radar Composite, 3 Sept 2010 1730UTC

Green is good, but watch out for the red bits

I’m somewhere close to the middle of that, between the two green-and-blue splotches. No doubt in another couple of months I’ll be bundled to the ears and bitching loudly about breaking ice on the horse troughs, but for now it’s glorious. Think I’ll go fix something. A lawn mower, maybe.