As mentioned in my previous post, Breslin at Harpers is the latest purveyor of violence porn to the leftoids. Talking heads and pundits alike are solemnly viewing-with-alarm the Looming Spectre of Right-Wing Violence.

Sorry, guys. It don’t happen, and it ain’t gonna happen. The stupidest “right-wing militiaman” in the wilds of Idaho either knows how that works or has friends and advisers to tell him so. That last is key: not only do the violent acts invariably come from Lefties of one stripe or another, they invariably come from loner leftoids — guys like Ted Kacynski and James Jae Lee, who brood over their tracts in lonely silence. “Wingnuts” have friends, and friends don’t let friends get out of hand that way.

If you want somebody killed or something blown up, you have no shortage of anonymous brave souls advocating the assassination of Bush, Cheney, or Sarah Palin, or destroying the HQ of “Faux News” with enough TNT to form a mushroom cloud. The diaries and comments at Kos’s place alone should provide you with enough recruits to form a battalion of bombers and a brigade of assassins. All you have to do is convert all that enthusiasm to action, and no doubt, in a lonely basement somewhere, an enthusiast is avidly perusing Earth in the Balance or American Taliban, and drooling from the corner of his mouth at the prospect of STICKING IT TO THE MAN!

Just don’t offer the contract to us “wingnuts”. Yeah, we’re the ones who have a rally on the mall and pick up the trash afterwards. But that’s our own trash. We’ll find you a broom and dustpan, and give you as many black plastic bags as you need, but you made the mess. Clean it up yourself, kid.