Jimmy Breslin at Harper’s gives us the latest chapter in the neverending story that is the leftoids’ attempt to push all violence off on the Right. Oooh! They shot Kennedy! Both of them! and Martin! How horrible! Be on your guard!

Except, of course, that Lee Harvey Oswald was an apprentice Marxist, and Sirhan Sirhan a Palestinian outraged at the Zionist Occupation, and not even King’s family believe James Earl Ray had anything to do with the incident.

It has been noted, with considerable irony, that the Spectre of Fascism continually looms over the United States, but somehow it always lands on Europe. Breslin joins a long line of commentators raising the Spectre of Right Wing Violence. Odd, is it not, that so far all but the tiniest handful of violent actors have had impeccable Leftist credentials?