God’s blessing on honest laborers, says Dan Collins. Chumps, say I. Oh, they may in fact get their eternal reward in Heaven, but here on Earth they’re chumps.

The lizards will even tell them so, although they don’t actually come out and say it. “Why don’t they vote for Democrats and Government programs?” is the wail. “It’s in their economic interest.” Others pompously decree that Unions are good for you, because they’ll import competitive workers.

What they mean, of course, is that if you vote in your “economic interest” or join the right Union, you get easy or nonexistent work and enough pay to have plenty of leisure, and the chumps will pay for it. You know, the people who “…bring a willing heart to their work and who give a full day for their wages…” Chumps. Suckers. Dweebs.

Embrace the suck, people. If you’ve worked hard all your life and have built up a comfortable existence, they’re going to take it away from you anyway, because you’re “greedy” and “selfish”. As part of your success, you’ve also built a bit of influence. Use it to get your “fair share”. When money falls from the sky, the wise man gets a big hat. If you’re just starting out, or at an early stage of your career, you’re a fool if you put out any effort, because you’re not going to keep any of the fruits of that effort — the compassionate and caring have decreed that expecting any compensation even roughly proportionate to what you do is also selfish and greedy, pure evil that not merely entitles them to take it from you, it makes it imperative that they do so. Embrace the suck. Take the grant, the unemployment, the food stamps (pardon me: Supplemental Income), the tax “rebates”, the “stimulus” funds. Grab your piece of the action. You deserve it! And you have enough contacts to get it, too.

The chumps will pay. They always do.

What to do when everybody gets smart, virtuous, kind, and compassionate, and ceases to become a chump is not defined at the moment. It may become apparent as Galt-Cloward-Pivens runs its course.