That’s Chris Coons, Democratic Party candidate for Senator in Delaware. Take it easy, Chris. No need to campaign; the Republicans are doing it for you. Save your ad buy, and get a new car.

There are very few Republicans, and no Democrats whatever, out digging up past dirt on Chris Coons. All of them are out excavating Dumpsters and rifling newspaper morgues for anything and everything that can be used against Christine O’Donnell. I’m quite sure that — in the interest of bipartisanship and helping out good chums — the Democratic and Republican dirt-diggers share what they find, and giggle together over particularly juicy bits.

Democrats don’t do that, of course. If Chris Coons spends his Saturday nights in bed with a dead girl, a live boy, and a sheep, no Democrat will ever say so, and any Democrat who knows will try to suppress the information. Teh Press will simply shrug — nothing new here; Democrats do that. It’s not newsworthy. And if a Republican finds out by accident, they’ll suppress it on the ground of good chumship across Party lines.

Republicans don’t do it for the Right Candidate, either. If Mike Castle had won the primary as scheduled, the Beltway Republicans would be united in demanding that tea partiers and other interested parties bow down to the Holy (R) and not rock the boat. All the Dumpster divers would be Democrats, and Chris Coons might have to spend his new-car money on teevee ads.

And they accuse us of demandingpurity“.