As a very minor participant in all the uproar over Ms. O’Donnell of Delaware, I think the he-said-he-said-he-didn’t say nonsense is a waste of time. Some people are right, sometimes. Some people are wrong, sometimes. Sometimes people get turned into newts, and sometimes they get better. That’s life. Time to MoveOn.

I don’t think anyone, except possibly Mr. W. (a regular commenter at Protein Wisdom), actually expected the tea party business to go this far this quickly, and I think part of the reason for that is that, being posters on the Internet, we all tend to have larger egos than average and thus more in common with your common or garden politician than some of us would care to admit. That being the case, we expect to see leadership, somebody who emerges from a new Movement to be the standard-bearer. None has, and we have a tendency to discount the tea parties based on that.

But, in fact, if the tea parties have a leader he or she isn’t visible and clearly doesn’t care to be. Glen Beck can be said to be a sort of leader, but I see him more in the role of advisor or sage; Sarah Palin is clearly aligned in many ways with the tea parties, but doesn’t claim a leadership role — she’s mainly a political manipulator.

Remember Atlas Shrugged? I remember feeling a bit let down when John Galt turned out to be a real person. The tea parties are much, much better off without a leadership faction that can be Alinskyed — and if they don’t have such, if they’re just amorphous and impossible to pin down, it means they can pop up anywhere. It also means their opponents are fighting a hydra — if a head pops up you can chop it off, but the organism just grows another one. This turns out to be an advantage in another, different way. If they truly don’t want a leader, and somebody pops up claiming to be the leader, they can with little effort let (or even help) the leftoids do the dirty work of eliminating the nuisance.

Somebody’s clearly read Alinsky, and that someone could publish a book. Perhaps it could be titled same as the original, but with the words upside down.

The truly amazing thing to me, here, is the meltdown of the Ruling Class. I expected the leftoids to get nervous and start making mistakes, and they’ve duly done so, but I never, never, never in a million years would have expected Karl Rove to beclown himself the way he’s done it.