Something curious as I wander ’round the Internet, looking at polls and comments.

One of the consistently impassable barriers to any real change in Government has been the ironic version of “all politics is local”. “Yes, it’s horrible,” voters say. “Those other guys need to be booted out. But my guy’s not too bad. He brings home the bacon for us.”

Now we have a couple of polls that appear to say that the pendulum has begun to swing back. Voters in general, they say, like Democrats as well as Republicans, and in some ways think them better. Yet, at the same time, more detailed sampling shows more and more individual races favoring Republicans, or favoring Democrats less than expected.

It would appear that a large minority, at least, of Americans are saying, “Yes, the Democrats are good fellows, but my guy’s a @$$#@%&^%$%. He needs to be booted out.”