as only he can.

Case in point: the California elections.

A long-ago SF story had the natives providing aid and support to Earth people to settle Venus. The immigrants had a hard time, because they had to suppress some vicious carnivores that also preyed on the Venusians, destroyed crops and food supplies, and generally made life miserable for everyone. They didn’t get much support from the Venusian natives, who were aloof and even disdainful of the new settlers.

The protagonist of the story manages to break through the disdain and communicate with a native Venusian, and returns to HQ. He informs the leader of the colonists that the natives don’t really like Earth people at all, in fact consider them opportunistic parasites whose only good quality is the ability to compete with the predators, which are also parasites. Earth humans are accepted because they are the lesser of two weevils.

I don’t like either of the major California Republican candidates in any absolute sense, but I like the Democrats they oppose even less. Sometimes the only choice you actually have is which weevil is less destructive.